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Gravity's Rainbow

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Inherent Vice Wiki

Visit the wiki for Inherent Vice, with page-by-page annotations, a great playlist, index of characters, aggregated reviews, and much more...

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Video Re National Book Award & Gravity's Rainbow

Don't miss this amazing video about Gravity's Rainbow winning the National Book Award, including a recording of Professor Irwin Corey's hilarious acceptance speech.

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Check out the wikis for all of Thomas Pynchon's novels, an invaluable resource for readers of Pynchon's novels. And if you believe you've got insights to share, register to become an editor.

Lot 49 Mysteries in California

Turns out the entire text of The Crying of Lot 49 is being broadcast in semaphore from the top of Adobe's Almaden Towers headquarters. San Jose Semaphore, by artist Ben Rubin, is a permanent public artwork commissioned by Adobe Systems Incorporated in collaboration with the City of San Jose's Office of Cultural Affair's Public Art Program. The code was recently cracked by two Silicon Valley tech workers, Mark Snesrud and Bob Mayo.

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Jonathan Rosenbaum on Reading Pynchon

If you haven't read Jonathan Rosenbaum's excellent and insightful essay on Vineland,"Pynchon's Prayer," originally published in 1990 in the Chicago Reader, now's your opportunity. It's available on his blog.

Pynchon's Surprise Party

San Francisco writer Michael Corrigan wrote a lovely article about him and his pals throwing a surprise party for Pynchon at a local bar.

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Sept 17, 2013: Bleeding Edge Wiki is live!

As promised, Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge has hit the stands, and the Bleeding Edge Wiki is ready to go.

Built by Tim Ware of HyperArts in Oakland, CA — the wiki was made available the day Bleeding Edge was published.

Like the wikis for Pynchon's other novels (on Pynchon Wiki), the ''Bleeding Edge'' wiki includes page-by-page annotations, an alphabetical index of characters, names and places (real and imagined), and a whole lot more.

Sept 5, 2013: Bleeding Edge Wiki to be Launched the Same Day as the Novel ... September 17, 2013

The wiki for Bleeding Edge — built by Tim Ware of HyperArts in Oakland, CA — will premier the day the novel is published.

Like the wikis for Pynchon's other novels (on Pynchon Wiki), the Bleeding Edge wiki will include page-by-page annotations, an alphabetical index of characters, names and places (real and imagined), and much more.

April 2013: Penguin Press Fall 2013 Catalog reveals blurb (also on Amazon books) and excerpt from Chapter One.

It is 2001 in New York City, in the lull between the collapse of the dot-com boom and the terrible events of September 11th. Silicon Alley is a ghost town, Web 1.0 is having adolescent angst, Google has yet to IPO, Microsoft is still considered the Evil Empire. There may not be quite as much money around as there was at the height of the tech bubble, but there's no shortage of swindlers looking to grab a piece of what's left.

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Feb 25, 2013: Pynchon's Bleeding Edge to be published September 17, 2013

According to the New York Times "DealB%k" blog, the novel takes place in 2001 in Manhattan's Silicon Alley.

Penguin, the novel's publisher, made the announcement on Monday, February 25, 2013, according to Sarah Weinman of Publishers Marketplace.

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New Thomas Pynchon Novel — Bleeding Edge — to be Published in the Fall by Penguin Group

Ron Charles, Washington Post Book World, Fiction Editor and weekly critic, tweeted that two folks at Penguin Group confirmed the fall 2013 publication on Thomas Pynchon's eighth novel Bleeding Edge.

However, he then tweeted: "Hey, Twitterverse, chill out! Penguin has no specific date yet for upcoming Pynchon book. Everything is tentative @ this point, they tell me"

Stay tuned for details as they emerge.

Sept 3, 2012: Writer-Director Paul Thomas Anderson is back to working on a film adaptation of Inherent Vice AND ALSO has his sights set on a film adaptation of Gravity's Rainbow!

Thomas Pynchon - Inherent Vice and Gravity's Rainbow

Back in December 2010, we reported that writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson was considering an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon‘s Inherent Vice possibly starring Robert Downey Jr. as pothead private detective Larry "Doc" Sportello. In 2011, Anderson tried to get financing for Vice along with his upcoming film The Master, which recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival, play at TIFF, and then open in limited release on September 14th. Anderson has now turned his attention back to Inherent Vice and is currently working on the script. [...] Anderson also revealed he’s hoping to adapt Pynchon's acclaimed novel Gravity’s Rainbow. Read more about Paul Anderson adapting Thomas Pynchon novels for film...

June 13, 2012: Pynchon Relents — All His Novels Now Available in E-book Format

Pynchon, like a lot of us, isn't enamored of e-books, but he would certainly like to maximize his audience. Thus this decision. Penguin made the announcement on Wednesday, June 13, 2012.

The prices range from $9.99 to $12.99.

All seven of Pynchon's novels, plus the short-story collection Slow Learner, are now available at Penguin, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes Store, Kobo Books, Sony and Amazon.

From The Guardian: "Pynchon, typically, declined to comment on the move. But Penguin Press president Ann Godoff told the New York Times that the author was motivated by a desire to attract more fans. "I think he wants to have more readers," she said. "Every writer wants to have as many readers as they can possibly get. But I don't think this will change his public profile, in terms of him being out there in public. In fact, I know it won't."

Check out Penguin's Promotional Video for the Pynchon e-Books

The Endangered Literary "Recluse"

Excellent article about the concept of the "reclusive" literary figure, comparing the styles of Pynchon and Salinger - The Globe and Mail

Pynchon Narrates Promo Video for Inherent Vice

OK. First, be aware that this site operates independently of Thomas Pynchon (PIN-chawn) and is thus, yes, unauthorized. The site has been under since about 1996, and there's always some hammering going on somewhere. Feel free to report any weak stairs, wobbly railings, or exposed nails.

The meat of this website is the indices to Thomas Pynchon's first three "big" novels — V. (1963), Gravity's Rainbow (1973) and Mason & Dixon (1997). These "Web guides" have been of great help to readers of Thomas Pynchon through the years, and will no doubt continue to be. Contributions are always welcome. If you're reading Pynchon for the first time, you may want to take a look at Advice for Newbies, given by a cadre of life-long fans and contributors to this site.

These days, there is also the PynchonWiki, which consists of a suite of seven wikis, one for each of Pynchon's novels, with extensive annotation — and growing all the time. Those interested can also register to become editors of the wikis. More details at PynchonWiki »

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Prof. Irwin Corey Interview

He's the guy who in 1974 accepted the National Book Award on behalf of Thomas Pynchon. Read his reminiscences...

Wikis for Gravity's Rainbow, Mason & Dixon, The Crying of Lot 49 and V..

You can now register to be a contributor to any of the five Pynchon wikis: Against the Day, Gravity's Rainbow, Mason & Dixon, The Crying of Lot 49, V. and Vineland. Check 'em out.

Hawaii & Thomas Pynchon

This page begins to explore the Hawaiian references in Pynchon's fiction, particularly in Against the Day, Vineland, and Gravity's Rainbow, as well as in Thomas Pynchon's seventh novel, to be published in August 2009, Inherent Vice.

Against the Day

It's available. Purchase from Amazon US or Amazon UK; and then visit the Pynchon Wiki.

Pictures Showing What Happens On Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel, "Gravity's Rainbow"

Zak Smith's amazing and lovely illustrations of every page of Gravity's Rainbow were published in book form on Nov 28, 2006. You can order it now. Or click for more info...

Against the Day Wiki to be published Nov 21.

As daunting as it may seem, we intend to have available at publication a full-blown wiki guide to Pynchon's new novel, allowing registered editors to amend, comment, pontificate, criticize and interpret this amazing new novel's vast subject matter and incredible array of characters historical, fictional and "otherwise." At launch, the wiki will have a fully indexed alphabetical guide to the characters, events and arcana of the novel.

Brian Wilson & Thomas Pynchon

Hilarious bit about Pynchon and Brian Wilson getting stoned in Brian's tent, from the new Wilson bio Catch A Wave: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson (Peter Ames Carlin, Rodale, 2006)

New album by California band Thrice based on V.

The band Thrice has released their fifth album, entitled "Vheissu," which is the result of the band's singer, Dustin Kensrue, being blown away by Pynchon's first novel V. He had the entire band read the novel from cover to cover before recording the album. Read more...

Pynchon on The Simpsons, Again!

On Sunday, February 20 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT), the official 16th season premiere of THE SIMPSONS was aired, whereon actor James Caan and writer Thomas Pynchon guest-starred as themselves.

In the January 25, 2004 episode of the Simpsons, Pynchon did his own voice for his character. [ ]. You can also read Erik Ketzan's article at TheModernWord.com.

New: It appears Tom still has his fastball. He's written a 20-page intro to the Plume Edition of 1984 and it's damn good. Read David Kipen's review, Jim Knipfel's review — or just buy the book! 1984 is more timely now than ever as we sink deeper into Newspeak.


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