Covers to Thomas Pynchon's novel, The Crying of Lot 49

Gravity's Rainbow
Crying of Lot 49, first US edition

First US Edition

J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia & New York

Published: March 1966

Design: Milton Charles / Charles and Cuffari

Price: $3.95

Crying of Lot 49, second US paperback edition

First US Paperback Edition

Bantam S3384
Published: 1967

Price: $0.75

Crying of Lot 49, another US paperback edition

Second US Paperback Edition

Bantam Books - Windstone Edition

Published: April 1982


Price: $3.50

Crying of Lot 49, first british edition

Another Paperback Edition

Perennial Library / Harper & Row, Publishers
Published: 1986

Design: Christopher Zacharow

Price: $7.95

Crying of Lot 49, first british edition

First British Edition

Jonathan Cape
Published: 1967

Jacket Design: Peter Barber

Crying of Lot 49, first Croatian edition

First Croatian Edition

Ceres, Zagreb Published: 1998

Translation: Jasenka Safran

Cover: "Midday" (1984) by David Salle © Pace Wildenstein

Thanks to Tomica Vrbanc
Public Library, Petrinka, Croatia

Crying of Lot 49, first Polish edition

First Polish Edition

przelozyl Piotr Siemion
Published: 1990

Translation (Redaktor):
Anna Kolyszko

Crying of Lot 49, Polish paperback edition

Polish Paperback Edition

Tlumaczyl Piotr Siemion
Published: 1995

Translation: Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo

Thanks to Tomica Vrbanc
Public Library, Petrinka, Croatia

Crying of Lot 49, first Danish edition

First Danish Edition

Publisher: Gyldendal
Published: 1968

Translation: Arne Herlov Petersen

Price: 17.75 Danish Kroner (US$2.53)

"It was one of my first jobs for this publishing house, done when I was 24 years. I had heard about V., but not read anything by Pynchon then. I was very much impressed by The Crying of Lot 49, and went on to read V., and later Gravity's Rainbow. I lobbied for a translation of these books, but they were considered too difficult to sell, so nothing else was translated by Pynchon till Vineland, which was published by another publishing house and translated by Claus Bech. These two are still the only Pynchon books in Danish, but it is rumored that Bech is now translating both GR and M&D."

—Arne Herlov Petersen

Crying of Lot 49, East German paperback edition

First East German paperback edition: Die Versteigerung von No. 49

Publisher: Verlag Volk und Welt, Berlin / GDR
Published: 1985

Designer: Lothar Reher

Translation: Wulf Teichmann

Courtesy of Hennig Reinholz


Thomas Pynchon
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