Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (1973)

Gravity's Rainbow

Don't miss this amazing video about Gravity's Rainbow winning the National Book Award, including a recording of Professor Irwin Corey's hilarious acceptance speech.

Read Professor Irwin Corey's acceptance speech for Pynchon's 1974 National Book Award for Gravity's Rainbow.

Also, have a look at Douglas Kløvedal Lannark's exhaustive documenting of "love" in Gravity's Rainbow.

Tyrone Slothrop

shares office with Tantivy Mucker-Maffick at ACHTUNG,18

his map, 18, 22-23

his desk ("layers, over a base of bureaucratic smegma"), 18

looked at rocket-bomb disasters for ACHTUNG, 19

reassigned to PWE, 21

"A lot of stuff prior to 1944 is getting blurry now." 21

"how he got into investigating V-bomb incidents" 24

"a rocket with his name written on it" 25

erections, 26, 120, 225

aka "Schwartzknabe" (per Jamf), 286

aka "Ian Scuffling" (per Waxwing), 256

rockets and hardons, 26

genealogy, 26

discussed, 48-49

toilet adventure of '38-'39, 64-67, 623, 688

and Operation Black Wing, 75, 80

"different people thought they had discovered different things" 85

getting paranoid, 114

in Katje's hotel room, 194-98

clothes stolen, 199-200

"well before he loses his innocence and becomes one of them" 205

connection with Katje, 209

"what has looked free or random, is discovered to've been under some Control" 209

The Penis He Thought Was His Own, 216

discovers German blueprint of A4, 242

Zootsuit Zanies, 251

escape to Nice, 253

goes to Zürich, 257

goes to Geneva, 266

ancestors in Berkshire, 268

gets Jamf Sandoz dossier, 268

arrives at Nordhausen, 281

"the Zone envelopes him" 281

Slothrop Paper Company, 285

"I've been sold to IG Farben like a side of beef" 286

"'Jamf' and 'I' dream" 286, 623

meets Geli Tripping, 290

"the true momentum of his time" 312

"what is this place doing to his brain?"-- 333

in Berlin, 359

aka Rocketman (Raketemensch), 359

meets Greta, 364

"it's an evil game. . .You play because you have nothing better to do, but that doesn't make it right." 364

"jiving on the Riviera, or in Switzerland someplace, only half aware of being extinguished himself...." 374

clue to his existence ("it'll be months" from the Potsdam Conf.), 381

nabbed by Tchitcherine, 383

Blackwords, 391

back in Berlin, 433

hasn't been thinking about S-Gerät-Jamf-Imipolex G for awhile - summer '45, 434

"Die, Slothrop" and other paranoid visions in Berlin, 446

transmutation dream, 446

boards Anubis, 460

vulnerability to "pretty little girls" 465

his drink: Irish whiskey & water, 463

dreaming of Llandudno, 468

with Bianca, 469

"inside his own cock" 470

sexual impulse and rocket hits ("what could it be but the kingly voice of the Aggregate itself"), 470 [See also 26, 120]

"The Imipolex question was planted for him by somebody, back at the Casino Hermann Goering, with hopes it would flower into a full Imipolectique with its own potency in the Zone" 490

further dissipation of, 490

overboard, 491

arrives in Swinemünde, 493

arrives at Peenemünde, 501

dissipation, 507, 509, 510

"better days are coming" 510

Swinemünde, 526

gets hashish from Anubis, 529-32

remembers, 530

dropped off at Stralsund, 532

early August '45, somewhere in northern Germany, 549

"is he drifting?" 556

dissipating, 561

jumped by Schwarzkommando, 562

Plechazunga ("Pig-Hero"), 567

meets Pökler, 575

"Leftenant" 607, 627

being used by Tchitcherine, 612

Mossmoon to Scammony: "We sent him out to destroy the blacks [...]" 615

"out of it" [quitting the game??], 622

"complete connectedness" 623

"feeling natural" 626

"corrupted, given up on, creeps over the face of the Zone" 627

"another rocket-creature" 629

surveillance of (Sparte ["department"] IV), 630-31

harmonica playing heard, 642

"How can [Katje] expect to find Slothrop?" 657-58

adventures of the Floundering Four, 674

wishy-washy, sniveling, 679

has to find Squalidozzi, 681

the dissipation of, 682

"Slothrop's fate is not so clear. It may be that They have something different in mind for Slothrop" 688

bomb in transvestite toilet, 690

reading about Hiroshima, 694

"by now--early Virgo--he has become one plucked albatross [...] Scattered all over the Zone" 712

"his time's assembly" 738

"Slothrop qua Slothrop" 738

"a genuine, point-for-point microcosm" 738

Tarot, 738

"being one of the few who can still see Slothrop as any sort of integral creature at all" 740

"fragments of Slothrop have grown into consistent personae of their own" 742

appearance on cover of LP by "The Fool" 742

Uncle Tyrone, 744


Gravity's Rainbow
Gravity's Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon