Let us give thanks ...

Gravity's Rainbow

Many people have contributed to the content of this website over the years and their help and guidance made this project what it is.

First and foremost, a most special thanks to one of the finest collection of inquiring minds on the whole World Wide Web — the Pynchon List, a great list-serve exploring in depth the works of Pynchon and a vast array of related inquiries.

What follows are thanks for individual novels...

Mason & Dixon

Keith McMullen | Matthew Wiener | Eric Alan Weinstein | Richard Romeo

Richard Ailes
Peter Butler
Brad Carroll
David Casseres
Richard Cassidy
Laurence Daw
Paul Deppler
Nate Dorward
Simon Fielding
Norbert Finzsch
Dennis Grace
Greg Hallidy
Sherwood Harrison
Tim Henderson
Dave Henry
James Herald
CJ Hurtt
J.B. Jacoby

Stuart Johnson
Christine Karatnytsky
Will Karlin
David A. Kassay
Hyung Kim
Marek Kohn
James Kyllo
Robert Litt
Steven Maas
Joe Mabel
Lynne MacAdam
Paul Mackin
Joanne Manees
Damien Marwood
Brian D. McCary
Doug Millison
Ashton Nichols
Bob Norton
David Pagano

Jim Pearce
John Powell
Sam Reames
Jack Roberts
Adam Rounce
Mark Sander
J. Savage
Benjamin Schei
Patrick Schreuder
Mark Smith
Cathy Smither
Steven Spinali
Jeff Stacks
Burhan Tufail
Peters Vallejo
Milt Wishard
Keith Woodward
Mark Zimmerman


Gravity's Rainbow

I would like to thank the following for their contributions to this project:

Steven Weisenburger for his A Gravity's Rainbow Companion

Doug Millison for his excellent Pynchonoid Blog which gets better all the time.

Jody Gilbert for the keys to the Kingdom

Malcolm Hoar for his way-beyond-the-call-of-duty-bordering-on-the-saintly assistance in installing the original search engine into these HyperArts pages.

Terry Caesar (who solved the long-standing mystery of the Wernher von Braun epigram which opens Gravity's Rainbow)

Ed Harvey for some Spanish translations

Evan M. Corcoran for MUCH help with German translations and for providing other valuable information

I would also like to thank others who have provided corrections or additional information:

J.D. Argles * Ashot Bakunts * Jan Bayer * Boisseau-Kellum * Felix Bernoully * Erin Blakemore * Joseph Andrew Bono * Paul Bowers * Alexis Brunner * Damon Allen Davison * Gerrit de Blaauw * Eric Cain * Martin Delson * Exposito, Pablo * Kathleen Fitzpatrick * Miriam Hardin * Dave Henry * Frank Kalinski * David Jennings * Tony Jonick * Onno Kosters * Markus Krajewski * Sergey Kuznetsov * Pete Marcus * Jeff Meikle * Douglas Kløvedal Lannark * Andrew McDonne * Keith McMullen * Angel Mirou * Brad Mowry * Larry Newnam * Lurkin' Penny R. * Iludium Phosdex * Rick Putnam * Maro Riofrancos * Stephen Roberts * Niklaus Schäfer * Raymond O. Soma * Christopher Splinter * Gabriella Theiler * Seb Thirlway * Barnard Turner * Alex Watson * David Wiegleb


Claudio Calvelli helped with some Italian translations.

Grazio Falzon for his generous help with things Maltese. His Malta Home Page is definitely worth checking out if you're interested in Malta.

Hartwin A. Gebhardt, born in Namibia (Südwest), for generously providing historical information.

Alan Goldstein, Director, Technology Integration, Navy Office of Information, solved the mystery of "DesLant" and other seemingly obscure Navyisms.

Bonnie Lenore Surfus contributed her paper on the Goddess and V., which paper is imbedded herein.

Harrison Sherwood for providing the long-sought meaning of C & O compartment

I would also like to thank others who have provided corrections or additional information:

Greg Daly
Mark Erickson
Scott Francis
Jeffrey S. Gaydish
Ian Golder
Miriam Hardin
Erik Jespersen
David Klotz
David Landgren

Frank Lynch
Marco Lawrenz
Marco "Marchino" Pampaluna
Manolis Orfanidis
Jedrzej Polak
Mark Smith
Ralph Tegtmeier
Allen Toon



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