Thomas Pynchon's V. (1963)


Read Professor Irwin Corey's acceptance speech for Pynchon's 1974 National Book Award for Gravity's Rainbow.


Also, have a look at Douglas Kløvedal Lannark's exhaustive documenting of "love" in Gravity's Rainbow.


"there's a man in England, president of a Flat Earth society, who says [that the Earth is flat] and is ringed by ice barriers, a frozen world which is where all missing persons go and never return from." 47; "Unwise to say too much in a telegram. Vheissu. You understand." 157; H. Godolphin first went in 1884, 168-69; described, 170-71, 193; "thirteen of us went in and three ["poor civilian engineer"; Pike-Leeming; H. Godolphin - 183] came out," 172; "Evan [...] had never pressed his father for details." 173; Gaucho asked about it by S. Stencil, 181; "Did he owe it to them, the lovers of skins, not to tell about Vheissu, not even to let them suspect the suicidal fact that below the glittering integument of every foreign land there is a hard dead-point of truth," 184; "The name Vheissu occurred in [Godolphin's dossier] only once, in a secret F.O. memorandum," 190; described, 193; plot, 196-98; "the only radiance left is in," 201; "feral and lunatic dominion," 205; frozen spider monkeys, 205-06; "dream of annihilation," 206, 210; spider-monkeys, 209; "Vheissu is gone and impossible to bring back, along with so many other old jokes, songs, 'rages.'" 247; "the [Foppl] siege is Vheissu" 248; "There's been a war [...] Vheissu was a luxury, an indugence. We can no longer afford the likes of Vheissu." 248; "the sense of comedy about the Vheissu affair [is] with us no more, our Vheissus are no longer our own, or even confined to a circle of friends; they're public property." 248; "each filled the other in on the two decades between the Vheissu affair and here," 470; "Call Vheissu a symptom. Symptoms like that are always alive, somewhere in the world." 473; 483-84; [Vheissu Etymology]


V - Thomas Pynchon